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Before you get registered yourself with Haarwayto get connected with the best of service experts and product dealers in the United States, you should dig into the following details to understandthe company’s privacy policies. Following is the privacy policy for Through this privacy policy, you will get a fair idea of who we are, the way we receive and make use of your personal information, who will have an access to your personal information,things we are legally capable of doing, and the basic rights of our users.
Also, one important thing you should keep in mind is that our website is meant for children. Also, we don’t gather any data or information pertaining to children or those who are underage.
As a user of Haarway’s listing portal, you would always have the right to object or show your grievance to us for processing your personal information for our legal and legitimate interests or marketing objectives.
Without any further ado, dig into our privacy policies now –

A Quick Intro to Haarway

We are Haarway, aregistered and private limited businesslisting company based and operated out of the United States.As a highly reputed and reliable organization, we lay emphasis on taking your privacy into a serious consideration, and making use of your personal information as further depicted in the following privacy policy. We have the right to control your personal information you offer us.

Personal Information We Collect From Our Users

The word “personal information” or “personal data” refers to any piece of information that identify our users personally whether indirectly or directly. As a user, you should keep in mind that we might collect, preserve or even transfer different types of personal information about you that as have segregated as follows.
Followings are the data that we shall collect from you –

  • Genuine and Authentic Contact Info

Include the users’ first names, usernames, last names,email addresses, and similar identifiers that we gather when you build your account with us, provided us with any review or feedback, or where you can enter a competition, prize draw orpromotion with us.

  • Communication &Marketing Data

This would include your choices in receiving marketing from Haarway, and any third-party company or your interaction preferences. As or when you give us your consent, we shall make use of your personal information to get connected with you to understand how we can assist you in finding the services or products of your choice.

  • Tech Data

The technical information includes your login data, internet protocol address, or any other technology you use for having an access to Haarway’s website or application.

  • Profile Information

The profile data includes the username, password, interests, choices, reviews, survey responses, etc. of the users.

  • Usage Data

The usage information includes data about the way you make use of our app, website, services, products, and the likes.

  • Correspondent Data

Here at Haarway, we collect any piece of additional personal information that you might offer us in case you connect with us via E-mail, telephone call, letter, or through our app or website. In case you want to contact us by a telephonic call, we might record the call or make notes for the purpose of improving our services, complying with our obligations, or dealing with any kind of defense or dispute of a claim that might crop up in the course of Haarwayoffering its services and products to you. In case, you make use of our messaging features or functionalities, we shall preserve the messages keeping accordance with our retention policies.
Here at Haarway, we shall also receive data regarding you from different other sources –

  • Cookies and Technologies

Prior to getting registered with us to make use of our platform or services, we shall keep a tab on the way you are using our site via cookies and multiple other similar technologies. This will help us improve your user-experience by updating and upgrading our website with edgier features, robust functionalities, and the likes.Our website makes use of cutting-edge features like Facebook pixel, etc. to custom tailor the ads you come across on Facebook to useful services, relevant products, causes or businesses you might be intrigued on the basis of your searches on

  • Data Related to Third Party

We gather personal information about you from different third-party companies where you have given your consent for sharing such data with us. The nitty-gritty of such third-party companies, the kind of personal information we get from them and the reasons why, are laid out below –
Types of Information – Email address, public profile, etc.
Source – Facebook
Type of Source – Public
Source Location – The United States
Reason Why We Require Such Information – We require such data for the purpose of authenticating you on our customer application where you select a social log-in route.

Information That Haarway Collects from Its Users

Haarway might collect personal, as well as, non-personal data regarding you through its app or website. Such information includes the followings –

  • Your name
  • Your unique identity proofs like your User Name, Twitter handle, pseudonym, etc.
  • Your log-in data for your app and website
  • Your electronic signature
  • Your gender
  • Your business/residential contact details
  • Information related to your payment, billing, shipping, etc.
  • Your transactional data
  • Information about your mobile devices, computer, browser info, etc.
  • Data found on your web pages, accounts, or app along with any third-party sites, platforms, networks, servers, etc.
  • Data uploaded in your profile or account with the app or website
  • Usage activity pertaining to your communication with the third-party sites, platforms, networks, apps, or servers via or on the app or site of Haarway
  • Information about different third parties which you would refer to Haarway
  • Contents or statements and data regarding any such content or statement, that you need to publish or submit via or on Haarway’s app or website
  • Your comments, feedbacks or ratings regarding providers or consumers
  • Your geolocation
  • The name which is associated with any of your mobile devices
  • Phone number pertaining to your cellphone
  • The ID information of your mobile device
  • For buyers, data pertaining to your plea for, order of, registration for any goods or solutions available on or via Haarway’s app or site
  • For providers or dealers, information pertaining to the services and products you provide, market or sell via or on Haarway’s app or site
  • Any other piece of data that you offer on or via Haarway’s app or website in connection with what you ask for, buy of, register for, provision of or placement of any kind of product, service or offering via or on its app or website
  • Any, and every forgoing category of data that may connect with your guests, travel companions, vendors, or services which you request, order, buy, register or promote via our app or website

The Way We Make Use of Our Users’ Personal Information

We shall make use of your personal information for the objectives mentioned below –

  • As or wherever applicable, for the purpose of contacting you in relation with a competition or prize draw you might have entered. Using your personal information, we can easily process your entry to any competition, prize draw or relevant promotional activities.
  • We may use your personal data for the purpose of direct marketing, too.In case, you have given your consent or otherwise we have gained the right to accomplish so, we might make use of your contact details for sending you direct marketing information and keeping you updated of different promotional offers through SMS, Email, telephone calls, etc. pertaining to your services or products.


Our reliable business partners would like to make use of your name, postal address, email address, telephone number, etc. for informing you or keeping you updated of similar products, promotional offers, services, and the likes.

Be rest assured that we shall share your personal information only with our business partners, and that too upon receiving your consent. There would be a link called “Unsubscribe” attached to any of their mails. You can unsubscribe as or when you want to just by clicking on this option.

How Does Haarway Use Your Personal Data?

Here at Haarway, we require your personal information due to the reasons mentioned below –
If you are looking to publish your business listing on Haarway’s directory, and offer you the services/products you have requested, it will use your personal information for accepting you as a new or a repeated consumer, besides publishing your listing on its portal and providing you with the services/products you have requested as per its terms, conditions, etc.

In order to advertise the address, identity, contact details, etc., of your business on social media sites, third-party search party engine, and several other business sites on your behalf you should keep a few things in a serious consideration
If you are looking to register a domain name on the behalf of your business, you should keep a few things in mind. In case, you have registered for Haarway’s services, we might require you to share your contact details, address, etc. with the registrar, who is responsible to maintain the relevant register of your domain names for wrapping up your domain name’s registration on your behalf.
For sending your service-related communications related to the terms of our contract, we shall utilize the contact details you have given to us. This will help us interact with you regarding your products, services, etc. we offer to your business
To keep up the security and protect our listing directory’s authenticity, here at Haarway, we shall confirm your identity. To do so, we may thoroughly check the data you have offered us against multiple other data that we own about you from the third-party sources.
We may process every detail of your payment card so that it becomes easier for us to receive payment for any paid-for services, products, etc. that you have requested to us. If you have offered your consent to us, we might use your contact or address details for sending you a direct marketing request and keeping you updated of different promotional offers, etc. related to our services or products through emails, posts, SMS, telephone, etc.
Now, let’s introduce you to certain rules that we stick by for tracking your usage of our main website, products, services, etc. We have integrated cookies, cutting-edge technologies, etc. for tracking your activities, etc. on our website. This will help us monitor the usage of our listing portal, thus providing you with a way more seamless and customized experience.
For processing credit risk assessments, we abide by certain rules. In case, you are a partner in Haarway’s partnership, a representative or a sole trader of a business that isn’t a public or private limited organization, we shall process your job title, name, DOB, contact details, address, etc., albeit, at your consent.

For producing the aggregated underwriting risk analysis reports for different commercial insurers, lenders, and more, Haarway sticks by a few rules. Combining the personal information that we own about you with the personal data of our clients, we produce reports of underwriting risk analysis for our commercial insurers, lenders, etc.
For contacting you about a contract renewal for different paid-for services, products, etc., Haarway sticks by certain things. Here at Haarway, we use the phone number provided by you so we can call you up for discussing the renewal of different contracts between us for any kind of paid products, services, etc.
In order to conduct an internal training, we follow certain rules as well. We might require using your personal information to conduct a successful internal training. This will help us inculcate more accurate and in-depth knowledge in our staffs so that they can offer you the most fulfilling customer experience.
In a bid to conduct a thorough market research, as well as, analytics, we might analyze your personal data combining with the personal information of other clients. This will help us gain a more through and better understanding of our client base.
There are some rules that we abide by for maintaining our records besides improving the accuracy of your data. Just like any other business, we at Haarway, lay an emphasis on processing different personal data while administrating and maintaining our internal records.
For the purpose of investigating, identifying or preventing fraud and complying with different legal obligations, we stick by certain rules. During certain situations, we make use of your personal information to an extent, which is essential for enabling us to comply with our own legal obligations i.e. fraud detection, prevention or investigation of different objectives, etc.

How Will Haarway Collect Your Information?

Before you go ahead, and register your account with Haarway, you should be aware of the fact that Haarway may collect your personal, as well as, non-personal data as or when you pay a visit to, have an access to, subscribe to, or make use of our app or website as you request, place an order for, register for, and avail any service or product on, via or in connection with Haarway’s app or website as you log in with it.
Additionally, in case, you or any third party provides Haarway with a message, comment or other interaction regarding you or referencing you or any of your activities in connection with Haarway’s app or website, then Haarway might collect any piece of personal or non-personal data offered therewith or therein.

Data Retention Policies

Haarway might restrict your personal data and non-personal data for as long as it wants would be important. Haarway may choose to discard or even dispose any such data at any point in time, except as or when set forth for any other document or agreement executed and delivered by you and Haarway pertaining to the same by law.

Who Shall We Share Your Personal Information With?

Here at Haarway, we might share your personal information to our service providers or suppliers who can conduct different marketing services and process your personal information on our behalf and to other companies that may use your personal information to fulfill their own needs. This apart, we may share your personal information as or when we are delegated the responsibility of sharing or disclosing your personal information for complying with different legal obligations or protecting our business’s property/safety/rights. 
In certain situations, or circumstances, the personal information we gather from you might be conveyed outside the EEA aka European Economic Area. Such destinations might not abide by any law to safeguard your personal information to the same extent as in EEA. As per the Data Protection Law, we are required ensuring that our processors are transferring your personal information outside the European Economic Area. We are also bound to ensure that your personal data is kept securely and safeguarded against any kind of destruction, loss or access.
We cannot retain your personal information for no longer than required to fulfill our purpose. To decide the exact retention period, we consider different factors such as legal obligation under any applicable law, statute of limitation as per the applicable laws, actual disputes or guidance issued by data protection authorities, etc. We shall erase your personal information from our system as or when the need of retaining them will come to an end.

Haarway’s Privacy Policy and Changes

In this excerpt, we have shared with you the updated version of Haarway’s privacy policies. However, such policies might get updated from time to time. Hence, it’s advisable that you must keep looking into these policies every time you provide us with your personal information.
Prior to listing your business on our listing portal, you must be aware of the fact that we shall not update you of any minor change, which we might bring to our privacy policies in the days to come. But, in case, we bring any major change in our privacy policies, we shall definitely keep you updated and ask for your consent if need be.

Links to Multiple Other Websites

Our website is consisted of hyperlinks to different websites, which are owned, as well as, operated by different third-party companies. Our privacy policies don’t apply to any other sites. We shall encourage you to go through our privacy statements thoroughly on the other sites you check out, as they would govern the utilization of all the personal informationyou have given us at the time of visiting those sites. We won’t accept or acknowledge any liability or responsibility for the privacy practices of any such third partysites or your utilization of such sites is solely at your risk.

Our Contact Information

In case, you are looking to exercise any of your data security rights or in case you are not satisfied with the way we handle your data, you can contact us through these following contact details and addresses –
Mail ID -
Address - 90 STATE STREET
Contact Number - +1 800 491 2902