Terms And Conditions

An Introduction to Haarway

In the following Terms and Policies, the reference to the word “you” indicates anyone who has submitted any info or data to Haarway. The term “Platform” refers to the official website/app/ any other solution provided by Haarway. Every policy related to Privacy and Terms is highly important for us. We strictly abide by all the standard industry practices for keeping your personal information intact and protected.
To learn more about our Terms and Conditions, keep reading the content as follows –

Terms of Usage Whenever we use words such as “user” or “you,” we comply any legal or common person, who have had already agreed on using our listing portal, regardless of being or not being registered. It’s our earnest request to our users to go through our terms and conditions thoroughly prior to getting any of our services available on our portal. Availing any service via our portal would automatically signify the acceptance and acknowledgement of our users. Every user of this platform is lawfully bound by this.
In case, you do not agree to any of our terms, you should refrain from using our listing directory.

Also, you should keep in mind that our platform holds all the rights of updating, improving, including or even excluding any of our terms of the agreement sans sending you any notice beforehand.
From the moment, you start using our portal, it automatically becomes your sole responsibility and accountabilityto review our latest agreements. Your usage of our platform would automatically signify your acknowledgment and acceptance of our modified or changed terms and conditions. We shall continue to grant you a non-transferable, personal, non-exclusive, and limited privilege of entering and utilizing our platform.

The Eligibility of Our Users One of the main criteria for having an access to this platform is age. Every user should confirm that he/she is 18 years old to be able to get a legally-binding contract with Haarway.
In case, you are looking to avail different services, you should get yourself registered with our listing portal. Also, they are bound to authenticate their contact details i.e. mobile numbers; Email IDs, etc. to get an access to this platform.

To register as an active member on the business listing platform of Haarway, one should oblige these terms and conditions -

  • The one, who is interested to be a member should provide accurate and authentic information about themselves
  • Haarway holds the right of suspending or even terminating a user’s account in case it finds out that any of his/her data is out-dated, inaccurate, irrelevant or untrue
  • All the members of Haarway are liable to maintain the secrecy of their login or password details, and all the activities happening under their accounts. Haarway won’t be held responsible for any kind of damage or loss hailing from a member’s inability to comply oblige with this section
  • One should consider the fact that ifhe/she chooses to be a member of this platform, he/she would automatically approve or authorize Haarway to reserve all the rights to publish every piece of information rendered at the time of registration


Terms Related to Registration

Before registering on the listing platform of Haarway USA, every user must know that their registration as its member or any service/feature of this platform constitutes acceptance of certain privacy policies and Terms of Use. Whenever a new service or feature is introduced on Haarway’s listing portal, these privacy policies and Terms of Use would be applied automatically.
Prior to registering on this platform, one must bear the following facts to his/her mind –

  • Member Account

Whoever wishes to have membership on Haarway’s listing platform, is required to create an official member account by offering all the authentic information about his/her name, contact details, residential address, and the likes. Any kind of inaccurate or irrelevant data would not be appreciated by Haarway.

  • Additional Data

Haarway may ask for some additional information of the user while he/she creates a member account. A user may have to fill out the profile section of his/her Haarway account with a precise summary of him/herself, postal codes, etc.

  • Online Interaction Protocol

The standard of online interaction transmits a website’s URL via which a user can visit the business listing platform of Haarway. He/she can also visit his/her computer’s and ISP’s IP addresses, numerous attributes of his/her computer including resolution & browser software, operating system, the data/time of his/her requests for different pages on Haarway’s platform, etc. The file logging system of Haarway will automatically log in all the essential data in its log file for carrying out a thorough analysis in the future.

  • Changing Password is Essential

For better safety and security, every member is required to change his/her login password as often as possible. A user should choose a password, which is comprised of a few alphabets, one/two numbers, and at least one special character. The responsibility of maintaining the secrecy and safety of a password solely belongs to its creator.

  • Subscription through Newsletter

Whoever is interested to pay a visit to the website of Haarway USA, you may need to sign up with your name, contact number and Email address for a number of newsletters, which this platform produces with a varying frequency. There is no need for registration for such sign-ups. However, the newsletter subscription needs to be confirmed by Haarway at the first place.

  • Account Info Should be Accessed

Once a user becomes a member of the platform of Haarway, he/she automatically gains the ability to review his/her own personal information and edit or change that as per the necessity. A member can also edit or change his/her personal information on the profile page by sending a request to info@haarway.uswith his/her login Email ID and password. The plea would be processed within just a couple of days.

  • Smooth and Seamless Interaction

To keep a track of the conversation or improve interactionwith its users, Haarway records every telephonic conversation. To be an active member on this platform, a user should give out an unconditional approval and authority for recording his/her call made to Haarway in regards to all the services listed on this platform. These recorded calls would be deleted by Haarway within a certain span of time.
Upon sharing your contact number and other related details with us, you would automatically get a service/sales call from the staff or partner or alliances of Haarway. The central objective of this call is to ensure that your registration for National-Do-Not-Call or NDNC has been registered successfully. However, you have to give out 100% assurance to the partners/staff/vendors/sub-vendors of Haarway for providing you with SMS, alerts, calls regarding Users’ actions, etc.

Terms of Accessing Haarway’s Contents Every user should be aware of the fact that each piece of content used on Haarway’slisting platform is informative, unique, and highly protected by the copyright infringement policies. The graphics, texts, images, visual interfaces, logos, audio clips, etc. exhibited on this platform are strictly generated by third-party.
Haarwaywon’t have any control on any such online content as its digital listing portal would be intermediary for different purposes and rules of its Terms and Conditions of Use.
However, these Terms and Conditions are not needed to be followed by the original contributors of Haarway’s contents. In case, they want to use Haarway’s contents, they are required to oblige certain Terms of Use that control Haarway’s rapport with the contributors. For an example, they cannot download any content as it’s strictly prohibited by Haarway. Even the attempt of modifying any printed or downloaded content from Haarway shall be deemed nothing short of hacking.

Which Contents are Prohibited by Haarway? Haarway does not allow a user to publish, host, upload or correct any information or any legally prohibited data on its platform. No user can upload, correct or list any information/data/materials that belongs to the other users; that are ethically, morally or racially objectionable; that are comprised of fraudulent data; that may serve any unlawful purpose; that are menacing or offensive in nature; that are comprised of any software virus; that contain unauthorized harassment or advertising and that can cause any adverse publicity for Haarway.
Rules of Using Haarway’s Services Before making use of Haarway’s listing portal, you should keep the following rules and regulations into a serious consideration –

  • Users who violate any term of use would be blocked or end up losing access to our platform
  • Some users’ rights reserved by this platform could be modified or even discontinued on a temporary or permanent note.
  • The possibility of the non-deliberate inclusion of any error, inaccuracy, unauthorised addition, alteration or deletion by any third-party into this platform cannot be blown in the wind.
  • The platform of Haarway may also comprise a few links to several other websites operated or run by third parties. This platform is not supposed to review or approve such sites. Also, it is not liable to for the omissions or contents of any links or linked website contained in any linked website.

Responsibilities and Liabilities of the Visitors

For every visitor to this platform, it is important to remember that they are bound to acknowledge certain responsibilities. For an instance, it is not possible for Haarway to check all the materials i.e. computer software or review all the contents published on the platform. It is not liable for any material’s contents, effects or set-backs. In fact, Haarway does not imply or represent that it endorses any material that have posted on its platform. It is not even liable to check whether such materials are useful, harmless or accurate. It is solely a user’s responsibility to take the necessary precautions for protecting his/her materials and computer system from destructive contents, viruses, Trojan horses, and the likes. 
Visitors may come across objectionable, inaccurate or indecent contents on this platform. They might even find contents comprising typographical errors, grammatical mistakes, spelling glitches, or numerous other inaccuracies. Certain materials of this platform may also violate the publicity and privacy rights. One may also find certain materials that infringe the proprietary or intellectual property rights of third parties. Haarway cannot be considered liable for any such non-deliberate inaccuracy.
Haarway refuses to acknowledge any liability for any kind of harm or inaccuracy from any visitor of this platform. A visitor can report to the staff of Haarway if he/she comes across any indecent or offensive material linked or located on this platform.
The staffs of Haarway will respond to such notices or reports either by disabling the objectionable links or eliminating the inaccurate or infringing materials from the domain of Haarway.com. A visitor, who might violate the intellectual property rights or other copyrights of Haarway on a frequent basis, might get terminated or denied any kind of access to this platform.
Terms of Usage and Registration It is mandatory for a user to register to this platform prior to posting any service need, promotional contents or classified advertisements on the same. For a user, it is important to know that Haarway is not responsible to authenticate or review any listing, service or item exhibited for sale.

The listing platform of Haarway does not have any control over the safety, legality and quality of every item advertised on it. It has no control over the accuracy or truth of every listing, a service provider’s capacity to sell any product or a user’s capability to purchase any item. This is the reason why, every user of Haarway’s local business listing services should have an awareness of the followings –

  • The responsibility of working out the performance or exchange of services solely belongs to the users and service providers. If any breach or non-performance of a contract takes place between a service provider and a user, Haarway will not be held responsible or liable for that.
  • If a service provider and user get embroiled in any kind of disagreement or dispute at the time of transaction, Haarway will not be responsible to mediate or fix that.
  • Users and service providers will remain responsible for all the costs and applicable taxes experienced by partaking in the need fulfilment platform of a local service. 
  • Haarway will not be responsible for any kind of damage occurred to anyone as a result of the data included in its platform. All the liabilities and responsibilities for any kind of damage or harm resulted due to a visitor’s use of any third-party service would be disclaimed by Haarway.
  • Despite using any service of Haarway, a user will not gain the ownership of any kind of intellectual property right in its contents or services.
  • If a user violates any Term of Use applied by Haarway, his/her account might get terminated in an instant.
  • A user indemnifies Haarway and its staff/agents/directors/officers from demands, claims and damages (consequential or actual) of any kind (suspected/unsuspected, known/unknown or disclosed/undisclosed), which occur related to disputes or transactions.  
  • Haarway does not have any control over a piece of information that has been offered or made available via its platform by any other user. A user may find any such information to be harmful, deceptive, offensive or inaccurate. To ensure his/her safety, a user is required to use his/her common sense.
  • A user has to acknowledge and confirm that all the information about his/her age, name, contact detail, etc. must be 100% accurate and true. Haarway holds the right to use and convey such information to a service provider.
  • This platform has not liability or obligation in respect of every transaction occurred between a service provider and user.  In fact, Haarway cannot be held responsible for the delayed or unsatisfactory performance of any service or damage.
  • Haarway will not be responsible for any kind of damage or loss which might have occurred to a user, indirectly or directly due to the non-use or use of services included in this need-fulfilment platform.

If a user chooses to oblige the aforementioned Terms and Conditions to use the need-fulfilment platform of Haarway, he/she would automatically authorize or approve Haarway to take these measures for maximizing security, enhancing the quality of services and satisfying the users with better service provider solutions.

Terms of Payment Settlement

The users of this platform need to know that they can make the payment of any transaction amount via online. However, they are bound to stick to the following Terms of payment, which have been set by Haarway –

  • The users can make the entire payment before availing any service
  • They may choose to make the payment to the vendors after receiving any service

There are certain agreements that the service providers and users are required to make at the time of payment. They must agree to that –

  • This need-fulfilment platform accepts payment for any kind of transaction between service providers and users via the payment gateway, run and processed by a nodal account maintained through the guidelines of RBI.
  • By offering the facility of payment on this need-fulfilment platform, Haarway is not acting as a trustee or in a fiduciary capacity in regards to the transition.
  • Every transaction made on this platform should stick to a principal-to-principal based bipartite contractual agreement between the users and service providers. Haarway does not act as an employee/agent for any user/ service provider/any other entity or individual receiving facilities on this need-fulfilment platform.
  • The use of any kind of payment facility cannot hold Haarway liable for non-delivery, non-payment, damage, non-receipt, breach of warranties & representations, non-provision of after warranty/sales services or fraud in regards to the services listed on Haarway’s platform.
  • At the time of accessing payment facility on Haarway’s platform, a service provider is bound to provide all the essential information related to him/her. Such information should not just restrict to his/her name, contact details, resident address, credit/debit card number, the expiry date of his/her credit/debit card, etc. He/she should consent to provide every piece of information, which might be required to complete the payment for monetary transaction between a user and service provider.
  • Every user and service provider should consent that all the information offered by them could be conveyed to a bank to process the payments made through a payment facility.
  • All the users and service providers should know that Haarway holds the right of imposing restrictions on the numbers of monetary transactions conducted by the users. 
  • Haarway also holds the right of refusing to process any monetary transaction conducted by a service provider with a past history of some questionable charges that include (but not just limited to) restriction breach of an agreement done by a service provider with Haarway and violation/breach of any charge/law thrust by the issuing breach or bank of a certain policy.


Followed by a user’s compliance and agreement with the following Terms of Use, Haarway would grant him/her a personal, limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-assignable right for using Haarway Score and numerous other contents of this need-fulfilment platform.
However, below are mentioned some ‘don’ts’ for a user who wishes to use Haarway Score. Have a look –

  • A user should not copy, adapt, re-publish, or interact to the display, public, perform, share, transfer, distribute, or otherwise make use of Haarway Score or any of the contents on/from the platform for any objective including, business, commercial or any other objective apart from personal use.
  • A user should not use Haarway Score in any way, which is designed to produce a distinct ranking service or to replicate any part of the services provided on this need-fulfilment platform.
  • A user cannot impersonate any entity or person or otherwise misrepresent his/her affiliation with another entity or person by registering any account in reference to another organization or person. He/she must not send any message or pass any comment taking reference to any other person.
  • He/she should not transfer/sell or provide to transfer/sell any Haarway account to any other third-party sans getting a written approval from Haarway.
  • He/she should not make any attempt of circumventing or violating any data security protocol or measure set and employed by Haarway.

Every user should keep this in mind that Haarway disclaims every liability and responsibility for any kind of harm or dispute resulting from a user’s use of any third-party service. Also, he/she must remember that using Haarway’s self-serve solutions won’t give him/her the ownership or right of an intellectual property right in his/her self-serve services. Also, these Terms of Use does not grant a user the right or ownership of using any logo or brand identity design used in Haarway’s services. 

Terms of Reporting

A user has the right to make a written report to Haarway in case he/she finds out that Haarway Score is inappropriately attributed to a specific business and need amendment. He/she must report to Haarway keeping a tab on the below-mentioned details –

  • A user must provide his/her name, contact detail, and residential address ensured by the Govt. of the United States
  • A user should include the details of changes in the Haarway Score
  • Haarway needs a statement made by a user, which assures that all the information in his/her notice are true and accurate

If someone wishes to send a notice, he/she should write to Haarway at info@haarway.us/ support@haarway.us
By post to the registered office address of the company at –

Mail ID - info@haarway.us/ support@haarway.us

Address - 90 STATE STREET

Contact Number - +1 800 491 2902

Terms of Indemnification

A service provider or user hereby agrees to protect, indemnify and hold Haarway and its owner/successors/agents/affiliates/staff/directors/shareholders absolutely harmless against or from every claim, damage, obligation, loss and expense including an attorney’s fees, etc.
The reasonable attorney’s fees could result from multiple areas i.e. any kind of violation of Haarway’s Terms of Use; a third-party’s claim of an intellectual property right’s violation; intrusion of privacy occurring from a business hosting or a service provider’s personal data available on the platform; any activity associated with an account, etc.
The fees of an attorney might be caused if a service provider is using Haarway’s services on behalf of any other business. It has to hold Haarway absolutely harmless and indemnify this platform and its officers/affiliates/agents/staff from or against any suit, action or claim associated with/occurring from the use of Haarway’s services or infringement of its Use of Terms including any cost or liability occurring from damages, claims, litigation expenses, suits, judgements, attorney’s fees, etc.

Terms of Severability

Upon being found as to be void, unenforceable or illegal, the provision/s of Haarway’s Terms of Use would be considered as severable. These won’t be able to affect the overall enforceability or validity of the existing provisions of Haarway’s Terms of Use that will remain in a complete effect and force.

Terms and Conditions of Haarway Events

Here are a bunch of Terms and Conditions under which Haarway is offering ticketing services. Also, it is mandatory to make use of this platform under the following Terms and Conditions –

  • The agreement to Haarway’s Terms and Conditions could be applied for using this platform by a subscriber. By using this need-fulfilment platform, every subscriber would have to agreeably comply with every Term and Condition set and deployed by Haarway.

Haarway holds the right to make the necessary alteration/change/modification to any feature or aspect of this need-fulfilment platform. This includes (but not restricted to) hours of availability, content and equipment required for using or having an access to this platform, at any time. Also, Haarway holds the right to improve, change, or even delete certain Terms and Conditions applicable to the usability of a subscriber to this platform. Such modifications, changes or deletion would be effective upon a notice, which might be provided via a post, a conventional/electronic Email, or by any other way.

  • This platform can sell tickets on a promotor’s/band’s/team’s/venue’s behalf. This means that it will not decide the ticket costs or determine seating arrangements or venues. Every ticket sale would be final. No refund or exchange is allowed once a ticket is purchased. Once the tickets are mailed to a particular subscriber, this platform or the clients cannot replace any stolen, destroyed or damaged ticket.

For all the users or service providers, it is important to acknowledge that once they receive their tickets, they must keep them safely. These tickets could de damaged by excessive heat or direct sunrays. Hence, it is essential to allow adequate time for the delivery of every ticket order. If someone has chosen his/her ticket’s delivery via Email, he/she should consider minimum 14 business days after the final order is successfully placed to receive his/her tickets. However, Haarway cannot be held accountable for a delay in delivery.
The option of ‘will-call’ order would be processed till the final day of an event. This feature can be utilized when a ticket is successfully carried to the location and redeemed prior to entry and selection. Before that, a subscriber needs to show his/her identity proof and the electronic receipt’s printed copy to get the original ticket. Upon a successful processing of an order, a confirmation for the ordered tickets would be sent by this platform through Email to a subscriber. Needless to say, a subscriber is required to provide true and accurate Email address.
For all the users or service providers, it’s important to know that Haarway will not be liable for any kind of special, incidental, direct, indirect, consequential or punitive damage, or any other damage, which includes but not restricted to, loss of goodwill/profit/data/several other losses occurring from –

  • The inability of using its services or having access to its contents
  • The total procurement cost of alternative services or goods occurring from any monetary transaction that has entered from/through this platform
  •  The unauthorized alteration of/access to a user’s/service provider’s data or transmission
  • Any conduct or statement of a third-party
  • Any other issue associated with the services even if Haarway has been recommended of the probability of any damage

For not withstanding anything discussed in the above-mentioned section, the maximum accountability for Haarway under these Terms of Use shall be a monetary refund gathered from a user or service provider for any particular service or product under which its liability would arise.

Terms and Conditions of Termination

Haarway holds the right of discontinuing in any part or the entire portion of this platform’s programs or services with/without any prior-notice.

Terms of Additional Notices

Every right to this platform’s materials or aspects not expressly agreed herein are properly reserved. One should acknowledge that Haarway has no control over the overall performance of advertisers or merchants, which appears right on this platform. Hence, if a user or service provider chooses to buy a service or product, he/she would release Haarway from any/every claim he/she might have about a third-party’s incapability of performing or delivering.
Terms of Use for Booking Model Here are some user Terms and Conditions, which constitute a lawful binding agreement between Haarway and its users. These Terms will govern the usage of Haarway and many other related mobile applications or any kind of transaction/s performed on this portal. Haarway matches the requirements of every user with a service provider prior to acting as an intermediary in the process of need fulfilment. This agreement takes place between Haarway and its users. Certain expressions or terms such as ‘You’ or ‘Your’ actually hint at someone who uses or has an access to this platform. Terms such as ‘We,’ ‘Our’ or ‘Us’ indicate at an entity which the users are contracting for each service of this platform.
By communicating with/subscribing to other users on/entering negotiations in regards to any requisite or subscribing to or using this need-fulfilment platform in any way to meet any purpose. All the users of this platform should agreeably accept an agreement only after thoroughly reading and understanding the same. If they do not want to agree or get bound by any agreement, they might not be able to use or have an access to this portal in any manner.
This agreement shall be applied to anyone and everyone who will use or have an access to this site for any requirement or purpose. This agreement is also applicable to a legal entity that might be represented by anyone who have used or accessed this portal under apparent or actual authority.
Terms of Payment The pricing of a service would be as discussed and described in this platform’s respective page. All the users should be given the suggestion of booking any service or product by paying a certain percentage of the total payment in advance via this platform. The payment related assistance or services might comprise links to any third-party resource or website.
These third-party services could be subjected to various Terms and privacy practices. All the members are required to review these Terms and privacy policies on an independent note. Haarway shall not be accountable for the accuracy or availability of any such third-party service and the products or contents or services available from any such third-party service provider. However, the links to any such third-party service provider will not be endorsed by Haarway.
All the users must warrant and represent that neither they nor any service location takes place or is located in a country, which is subject to any embargo or which has been legally designated by the Government of the USA as a country that espouses terrorism. They are required to warrant and represent that they won’t be listed on any prohibited or banned party by the US Government.
If need be, Haarway can improve some of the payment Terms and Conditions at any point of time. In case, Haarway makes any change to its payment Terms, it would post the re-checked Terms on this portal and share updates on the ‘Last Updated’ dates/days/months atop of the latest Payment Terms. A user should verify and check that he/she is in agreement with each of these new modifications or changes. In fact, a user is solely accountable for the completeness and accuracy of all the information related to his/her payment or pay-out.  In no way, Haarway is accountable or liable for any kind of loss made by a user as a consequence of any incorrect or inaccurate method of payment.

  • Terms of Cancellation

All the users of this platform should accept and agree that any service listed or booked on this portal cannot be called out under any situation. They should accept and agree that any amount or booking fee paid on this platform for booking a service will always remain non-refundable.

  • Terms of Disclaimers

Whoever wishes to use the payment services of Haarway should do the same at his/her own risk and voluntary. In spite of Haarway’s appointment as a restricted payment collection agent or service provider for receiving payments from users via this platform, Haarway can disclaim all the accountability for any omission or act of a third-party or service provider.
Haarway has no obligation or responsibility as an agent for every service provider only except to the extent, which is set forth in an applicable Term or any other obligation as implied legally. When Haarway conducts any kind of identity verification on a user or a service provider, to such an extent which is permitted by law, it would disclaim all sorts of warranties that could be found out before any misconduct by a user or a service provider. Such verifications will ensure that no user or service provider involves in any kind of misconduct in the days to come.
The mentioned disclaims would be applicable to the optimum extent permitted by the US law. However, a user or a service provider might have several other statutory warranties or rights that cannot be executed lawfully. The overall duration of any such statutorily-required right or warrantee would be restricted to an optimum extent by law.

  • Terms of Usage

For all the users of this platform, it is essential to keep in mind that they are solely responsible for every aspect of the monetary transactions that they would choose to participate. A user needs to register prior to uploading any content or posting/ listing his/her service need on this platform. Haarway shall not be responsible to authenticate or review each and every item, listing or service provided for sale.
In fact, Haarway does not have any control over the safety, quality or legality of any product or service advertised on this portal. This apart, Haarway has no control over the relevance of any listing and a service provider’s ability to fulfil the users’ requirements. This is the reason why, every user should be aware of certain facts.
First of all, all the users have to agree and accept inclusions and exclusions under a scope of service, exhibited while placing an order on this portal. They are required to accept that Haarway will not be held accountable for any change or modification in inclusion and exclusion by a service provider during service rendition, which has been booked via this portal.
Secondly, all the users and service providers would be responsible to work out both the exchange and sale of different products and services. At no point in time, Haarway shall be held responsible for any kind of non-performance or violation of any contract between a service provider and a user. It does not/cannot ensure that a service provider will impeccably perform any monetary transaction concluded on the platform of Haarway.
Thirdly, every user and service provider will remain responsible for each and every applicable expense and tax incurred to all the transactions emanating from this portal. Both users and service providers should be responsible to research and comply with every applicable regulation, restriction or law on each service, product or manner of exchange/sale, which might concern any transaction that they have participated.
Fourthly, Haarway has no liability or accountability for any kind of damage that has incurred to any party as a consequence of every piece of information included in the website of Haarway. It will not manipulate or use any service for any kind of fraudulent purpose or activity. Every service or product offered on this platform for sale should comply with every applicable law. Haarway disclaims all the liabilities or responsibilities for any kind of damage or loss occurring from the usage of any third-party service. Hereby, a user can irrevocably waive any kind of claim against Haarway in relation to the operation or content of any service by a third-party.
Sixthly, every user should understand that Haarway holds the right of indemnifying its staff/agents/officers/directors from any kind of damage, demand, and claim (known or unknown; disclosed or undisclosed; suspected or unsuspected), which is occurs out of or has connection with any kind of dispute or transaction.
It has no control over any information supplied by any user or has been made available through this platform. A user may come across harmful, inaccurate, deceptive or offensive information provided by any other user. A user’s own intuition or intellect can save him/her from being trapped by any such irrelevant information. Every user should confirm and acknowledge that if any information (i.e. name, contact details, age, etc.) supplied by another user to Haarway lacks accuracy or relevance, shall be forwarded to service provider/s. Such act done by Haarway cannot constitute an infringement of privacy or any other right of a user.
At no time or occasion shall Haarway have any kind of liability or obligation in regards to all the transactions occurred between a user and a service provider.  This platform has no responsibility for any kind of delayed or unsatisfactory service/performance or damage, taken place while a service rendition. Haarway makes no representation or warranty on delivery, quality, availability or suitability of any service on this portal. It will not be responsible or liable for any kind of damage or loss, which might have directly or indirectly caused any personal suffering to a user.
Last, but not the least, every price mentioned on the platform of Haarway is a subject to modification or change. All the users are suggested to check with the service providers to get a thorough understanding of the final cost and additional charge applicable. A user can directly negotiate to a service provider for the change of price. He/she can make payments to each and every outstanding due as well.
All the users should agree to assume every risk of transaction occurred on the basis of an information, a content or any other material offered on this portal. They should further assume all the risks of any damage or dispute occurring owing to/caused by a subsequent action related to any service or product, which could be subjected to any such transaction. Such risks may include, but not solely restricted to the misrepresentation of a service/product, unsatisfactory quality, defective goods, illegal items, fraudulent schemes, delay in payment/delivery, warranty breach, breach of contract, and the likes. 
At no occasion shall Haarway be accountable to both consumer and user on the account of booking, using or misusing their rights on this platform. It won’t be held liable for any kind of dispute or loss which includes special, direct, indirect, punitive, incidental or consequential damages incurred in contract, warranty, tort, intellectual property infringement, etc. Haarway shall not be liable for any kind of damage brought in any theory that include but not restricted to the loss of goodwill/profit/data et al.
No once can hold Haarway accountable for any damage in a theory occurred from the inability of using this platform’s content, the expense of procurement of any alternate service/product resulting from a transaction via Haarway, or the unauthorized access to a user’s data or transmission. Haarway has nothing to do even if it has been instructed of the probability of any damage or loss occurring out of / in relation to the use or incapability to use any service listed on this portal, and the overall performance of a material included to/accessed from this platform.
This need-fulfilment platform never assumes any kind of legal responsibility or liability for the completeness, usefulness and accuracy of any data, process or product revealed on this platform or numerous other materials accessed via this portal.

Terms of Restrictions in Liability

For every user and service provider, it is essential to know that neither Haarway nor any other party engaged in producing, creating or supplying the payment services would be accountable for any kind of special, consequential or incidental damage i.e. loss of data/ loss of profit/ loss of goodwill, system failure, computer damage, the cost of alternate products/services, and damage due to any bodily/personal injury occurring out of certain factors. Such factors may occur from or be connected to different payment terms, usage/inability to use any payment service, and any form of meeting or interaction with other users to whom a user can transact, meet or interact with as a consequence of his/her usage of Haarway’s payment services.
Such payment services might be based on a contract, warranty, product liability or any legal theory. These could also depend on whether or not Haarway has been updated of the probability of such damages or losses, even when a legal remedy, which has been set forth, is found to be failed at fulfilling its purpose.
Except for this platform’s obligations to pay a certain amount to a service provider pursuant to such Terms of payment, on no occasion shall Haarway aggregate any kind of accountability occurring in relation to/out of these payment Terms. The restrictions of all the damages or losses are the fundamental elements based on the bargain between Haarway and users.
There are a few jurisdictions out there, which don’t allow the limitation or exclusion of accountability for any incidental or consequential damage.  A user’s residence outside of the United States won’t affect Haarway’s accountability for personal injury or death occurring from any kind of negligence, but not from any fraudulent misrepresentation or any other liability that cannot be restricted or excluded under any applicable law or legal remedy.

Terms of Applicable Law

The Terms of Haarway’s applicable jurisdiction and law shall be strictly governed by the US laws. Both parties are required to consent to the laws and jurisdiction deployed this court. If any difference or dispute occurs in relation to/out of the usage of this portal or any kind of breach that cannot be settled between Haarway and a user, then the same shall be arbitrated keeping accordance with the Arbitration & Conciliation Act of the USA or any other re-enactment or statutory enactment in force. The language used in the process of arbitration is English.
Any kind of arbitral decision or judgement will be final. It shall be binding on both users and service providers. The final judgement upon any kind of arbitration award might enter a court which would have jurisdiction thereof.  This judgement will be in place of every other remedy.
Every user and service provider should take a note that each and every clause and term of this agreement with appropriate and applicable policies published on the portal can be altered or changed over the course of time.  All the users are suggested to regularly and thoroughly check the privacy-related statements of Haarway for these updates. They are advised to ensure that whichever action they take/activity they conduct must remain in agreement with every update and change. This agreement reads with copyright policies, Terms of Use, privacy policy and numerous other policies represented on this portal. Also, this agreement should constitute the overall agreement between Haarway and its users with regards to the usage/access of this platform, superseding all the prior agreements (oral and written) in connection with every matter described and discussed hereinabove.